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24.10. 2011

Update of Media section

I found another great Victor's photo and added it into the Photo section.


2.5. 2011

Young's score sheets online !!!!

For those, who would like to have some score sheets from movies, which for Victor Young composed the score, I have a great news. On the Internet Archive websites can be found the online version of Young's original score sheets from many of his movies!!! Check it out by yourselves.


29.12. 2010

Victor Young's Fan Web in a new robe

As you can see, this web go through the big change. I was working the month on the new Young's web. I created a new design and restructured the whole website. Also I made out his discography and prepared some new promo tracks from his work for you, which you can find in subsection Audio of Download section.
I hope, that you will enjoy this new web ;-)


13.12. 2010

Repair of Filmography section, update of Download section

Finally was repair the Filmography section, which is full function now. Also I added into Download section few photos with Victor Young.
In the next year I plan on reformation of the whole websites with new design and complete discography.


3.7. 2008

Update of Download section

Into Download section added two new Victor's photos and one period article (1920), which I got from one of visitors of this websites.
In addition I put link to small preview of the Young's collection at Brandeis University, USA. The collection is still frequently used by musicologists and other researchers.


2.12. 2007

Varese Sarabande released score from The Tall Men

In December 2007 Varese Sarabande released in Soundtrack Club edition Young's score from the western The Tall Men in the limited edition of 1500 copies (fewer than 200 remaining). More information about this CD you can find in Discography section.


23.2. 2007

Expanded version of Around the World in 80 Days soundtrack

In January 2007 Hit Parade Records has announced the release of a greatly expanded edition of Victor Young?s Academy Award winning score for Around the World in 80 Days. More information about this CD you can find in Discography section, where I also added information about Young's CD Seventh Heaven.


17.12. 2006

Arcticle in magazine Cinema Musica

On 31.10. 2006 was released in magazine Cinema Musica, Ausgabe 6 article about Victor Young including the minireviews of his best known CDs. In addition is here very interesting interview with Bobbie Fromberg, Victor?s niece. Author of this interview is Marc Hairapetian.


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