Victor Young At Paramount (details)

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Title: Victor Young At Paramount
Format: Regular CD
Label: Kritzerland
Label number: KR 20027-8
Release date: 2014
Country: USA


Other info:
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

01. Prelude
02. Ferrar Enters the Act
03. Tantum Ergo (Traditional)/Organ
04. Soderquist?s Swan Song/Ferrar?s Bad Manners
05. Goddard Plays Guinea Pig
06. Symphony No. 1 (excerpt) (Brahms)
07. Lonely Am I (Lilley)/Slow Bus to Memphis
08. The Ferrar Chase/Bridge to Hotel
09. The Clever Defense/The Boner
10. Regas Follows Nun (Bridge)
11. The Mail Robbery
12. The Short Straw
13. Cops and Robbers
14. Finale and End Cast
      Tracks 1-14 from APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER
15. Prelude
16. Shimmer/Bill?s Guardian
17. The Convalescent
18. The Vacant Chair
19. Cocktail Lounge?Radio Music
20. Cyclothymiac Cutie/Hall of Justice
21. Gypsy Violins
22. Heart to Heart Talk
23. End Title
      Tracks 15-23 from THE ACCUSED
24. Rome 1948
25. The Naples Tour
26. Pompeii Tour*
27. Capri Tour*
28. The Letter**
29. Avenue of Obscurity**
30. The Telegram**/The New Love and the Old*
31. Maria**/Return Home and Finale*
*includes ?September Song? by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson
**based on ?September Song? by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson
      Tracks 24-31 from SEPTEMBER AFFAIR

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